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Edinburgh Zoo: King Penguins

The zoo is a great place for animal photography (well…some of the time), I would never have a chance to photograph penguins otherwise, at least not in the near future! It doesn’t even have to be obvious that it is an animal in captivity, courtesy of depth of field and careful composition.

I was quite happy with this picture (and in fact have it printed and on my wall now), I’m half debating whether it matters that the beak is out of focus or not. I think it would have been harder to isolate from the background and the picture would have been less effective with a smaller aperture (i.e. higher f stop). At any rate, the eyes are in focus and that’s what I would be more interested in!

This was taken with my D3000 a while back and unfortunately last time when I visited the zoo (with D7000), the penguins were not in Edinburgh zoo as their enclosure was being cleaned or renovated (not sure which) so I couldn’t try to improve upon my penguin photography! There’s always next time!